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    Businessmen searching for a small but roomy truck must take a look at the HyundaiPorter. It’s fast, agile and economical. Besides, specifications Hyundai Porter, equipment luxurious appeals to the driver.

    Hyundai Porter appeared in the mid 70s in the XX century. It had been produced in two versions – a minibus along with a truck. Due to the insufficient time to create a unique car, the company acquired a license from Mitsubishi.

    The next generation with the Porter began production in 1986, as well as in 1993 the corporation offered the market a long version.

    In 1996, a fresh generation of Hyundai Porter arrives. As well as the new, it doesn’t seem like similar models made by Mitsubishi. Most of the interior details and components have been borrowed using their company vehicles in the Korean automaker. For example, the steering gear was extracted from the 1991 Hyundai Sonata. And the dashboard was borrowed from Hyundai Grace.

    The customer, based on his needs, could go with a truck with two or four doors. Or even a van built with 2 or 3 doors.

    This Porter machine was brought to the Russian market. She became very well liked with businessmen. I liked the automobile for the carrying capacity, maneuverability and reliability. Concurrently, its cost was quite affordable. Consequently, the assembly on this version was adjusted at TagAZ facilities in 2005.

    In 2004, the Korean manufacturer delivered to the marketplace the final generation from the Hyundai Porter, which was not supplied to Russia until 2013. The inner and exterior lines put it using the higher priced European cars.

    The primary quality which is why Porter is appreciated and acquired is functionality. It’s still undoubtedly one of better solutions for individuals who require a good carrier of small cargo in the city and vicinity. It provides a modest size, it is convenient to load and unload it.

    The best-selling model

    The plus is the fact that drive an automobile this truck, it really is enough to own driver’s license Category B.

    The porter comes with an extensive door, making it simpler to buy the cab, regardless of the driver’s physical data.

    The arrangement of levers and control buttons inside the cab is understood out to the tiniest detail. Things are in convenient places, works flawlessly and without additional effort.

    Gets into something of Porter, joined with an inexpensive cost and good carrying capacity, make it in demand, including on secondary market.

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