Gravesen Harding

  • Video games have been getting a nasty rap. Sure, a few involve simply pointing several deadly weapons at the Undead and blasting them into a bajillion writtings. And there are cases of wasting otherwise productive hours conquering an online kingdom and accumulating pixelized gold rather than going out and getting a real post.

    For classic…[Read more]

  • With the rise of the smartphones and tablets, mobile games have evolved far past Snake and Tetris. Game developers continue to launch new games for iOS and Android platforms and at present, around 200 games launched everyday for the mobile devices. Countless of minutes have been lost with them and there’s no escape from their capability to addict…[Read more]

  • The Tetris game is truly amongst the world’s most popular games. Right now, perhaps billions of kids are playing free Tetris online. How can this be game so popular you might understand?

    Foodies: If you find yourself a foodie you will cherish the different apps that are widely available. From food magazines to recipe applications you will…[Read more]

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